Semiprofessional Cookery Course

The course is coming soon, meanwhile consulates with one of our recipes here!
  The Semiprofessional Cooking Course offers more and more refined contents and techniques for those who wish to delve more deeply into the culinary world of our Bel Paese with competence but nevertheless enjoying a pleasant way of learning. The lessons in detail:
  1. Italian cooking in history
  2. Know how to do, know how to be a chef: the kitchen brigade
  3. Welcome to the kitchen: department, tools, food preservation
  4. Welcome to the kitchen: hygiene and safety
  5. Staple foods
  6. Italy’s favourite gravies and sauces
  7. Pasta and rice dishes: ravioli, cavatelli and risotto
  8. White, red and dark meats: how to identify and cook cuts
  9. Eggs: cooking techniques
  10. Fish: how to identify, gut and cook fresh fish
  11. Shellfish: how to identify, clean and cook fresh molluscs and crustaceans
  12. Vegetables: how to prep vegetables (trim, wash and chop them) and cooking techniques
  13. Fried food: batter, breading, flouring
  14. Legumes: soaking and cooking
  15. Food presentation
Teacher: Chef Bartolo Errico

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