Mela Annurca or Winter Apple

Reputed the queen of apples, with its homogeneous red colour, the winter apple is the only one with southern origins.

It is an IGP (geographically protected) product and it is commonly found and produced in the Campania region. According to Pliny the elder’s work, it originates from the Puteolan agricultural area. The ancient Roman naturalist and historian called it Mala Orcula, which means produced around the Ogre, as the Lake of Averno, considered part of the underworld, was known at the time. Nowadays it’s dubbed the queen of apples because of its distinctive features: its flesh is white, firm and crunchy, its juice is slightly acidic. The ripened fruit is a little asymmetric, the skin is waxy and smooth, of a yellow greenish colour which turns red after a reddening period on the ground. High in nutritional values, vitamins and minerals, this apple aids the intestinal functions and has diuretic properties.

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