Rodi Garganico’s oranges salad with figs vincotto and Olive oil from Gargano

Preparation Cut the green salad in julienne style, wash it and let it drain. Wash fennels and cut them in very thin slices. Peel oranges and cut them in slices. Mix green salad and fennel and put all in a big plate, add oranges and decorate with a julienne of orange peel, already washed. Season with salt and black pepper, then add Dauno Gargano DOP olive oil and combine with figs vincotto.   * Gargano’s orange IGP (geographically protected) is spherical and small. It has a very sweety tasty. The production area is between Vico del Gargano, Ischitella and Rodi Garganico. Our chef uses Duretta kind, it has a vivid and smooth peel. There is a big difference between Gargano area and other Italian areas where citrus are cultivated. Infact in Gargano’s area citrus ripe in April, May and August, in other areas in Autumn time. ** According to personal taste it is possible add an anchovy fillet and chilli pepper.  

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