Scientific Committee

Comitato Scientifico SìChef Academy isn’t just a high level school, it is also a factory of ideas, projects, a community of interests, an innovative point of view on new trends, news and a cultural reflections about the food made in Italy. A Scientific Committee is essential for SìChef Academy. The Scientific Committee suggests, recommends, oversees, selects all the events and contents. It gives the authority to the Academy for both: the didactic topics and the Web contents. It respects the complete autonomy of posts makers about thems. The Scientific Commettee has the role of: recommending topics in according to new, national and international, trends; giving any guides line in order of precedence about topics; giving the right value to any Academy (or from others) initiatives supporting the food and cuisine topic according to SìChef Vision; supervising and confirming any contributors’ contents; evaluating and introducing any learning innovation. The Scientific Committee are experts and academics that applying themselves in food, Italian food culture and culinary arts topics. They work on: information, food communication, food&wine critic, innovative learning tools, nutrition, sensorial analysis, nutrition history and nutrition anthropology.