Alessandra Luciani

Semiprofessional Pastry

In the late ‘90s, she obtained a diploma of Professional Sommelier from the Italian Sommelier Association (AIS). Then, she attended the professional pastry course of the master pastry chef Leonardo Di Carlo and the cooking course of the chef Antonio Sciullo at Rome’s school “A Tavola con lo Chef”, where she worked first as assistant for some years and then as teacher. In the meantime, she also taught at the school “Il Gambero Rosso. Città del Gusto” and continued her experiences in Rome’s restaurants and hotels. She worked for some years in the pastry shop “Vigna Stelluti”. In 2003 she went to Tokyo in order to train the pastry staff for the chain Prince Hotel together with the chef Alberto Ciarla. In 2005 she became the assistant manager of the pastry shop “Palombini”, after her participation to the reopening of the historical “Casina delle Rose”. In 2008 she launched her business activity in Rome. In 2011 she collaborated with “Il Focarile” of Aprila that is a famous restaurant of the Unione Ristoranti del Buon Ricordo. Today she works as pastry advisor and teacher for Sì Chef Academy.

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