Filippo Rignanese

Sometimes the places from where we leave marks our entire life path.
The via Francigena at the beginning of Gargano area, Monte Sant’Angelo a place full of spirituality and the cooking style made of fresh and local ingredients by the chef Gegè Mangano in the restaurant Li Jalantuùmene (Puglia, south Italy) mark his first steps. While studying at a vocational Hotel and Catering School, his wish to work in the field grows very strong so he naturally jumps at the opportunity to work at multi-star Restaurans the “ Quattro Passi”in Mayfair London, with the chef Tony Melillo and“Villa del Quar” in Verona, with Chef Bruno Barbieri. After obtaining his diploma, he lands a job at the Pelican Hotel in the kitchen of Antonio Guida, who represents a highly inspiration figure for him. He stays there for 7 years putting his heart and soul into the job of Chef. His professional growth continues both in Italy and abroad: at the “Madia” with Pino Cuttalà, at the Palace Hotel Gstaad and at the Mandarin Oriental in knightbridge , London with Heston Blumenthal. He’s been living in Rome since 2013. His search for a meaningful path and answer to his questions continues, his spiritual profile emerges thaks to the "Charity Association Dhyana" . He becomes vegetarian and his cookery is increasingly more oriented towars the essence of natural cooking. He’s currently working at the “Veggy Days Roma Colli” and as teacher at Sì Chef Academy. His quest for professional, personal and spiritual growth continues.   Facebook

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