SìChef Academy Vision is being driven by some values that seek to promote the Italian Food & Wine culture internationally and by using a well-advanced and technological way. SìChef idea coming up from a long experience in cooking publishing. Thanks to that it was possible to observe over years at all the culinary culture from a privileged vantage point. We like to regard cooking as the first cultural act human beings have accomplished because through this they were able to transform nature for a specific aim. The meaning of speaking about food is to express an intimate and basic aspect of a Country knowledge. If we want to say it with the antropologist Franco La Cecla words, we can say “Cuisine is the key to access a culture “. Around a table people tell their own History, revalue their own traditions, handed them down and mix them with others. People express themselves by using food, in an incessant transformation and in connection with their social and cultural contexts. The cuisine is dynamic and in an incessant transformation. It is something to protect and to be told. Food is often handed down with respect because it is one of the most important think to define people cultural identity. Kitchen topics are very attractive but often they rappresent the key to other topics such as: natural environment protection; social connection between food production and the territory; the education to different testes for preventing whatever marketing logics; the health; taste globalization; biodiversity protection…therefore for human race food is the instrument to create a sense of themselves in the world. This cultural humus and the topics about the preparation of savory dishes are SìChef Academy ground. SìChef Academy has the purpose of involving people interests by using the work of experts into food field, chefs, journalists, food and wine critics and experienced teachers. The aim is to share with people worldwide, all about Italian cooking experience, hands it down, defends it and makes it more accessible to everybody by the use of the online learning constant technological innovation. E-learning has been ratified by the European Comunity, UNESCO, Lisbon Conference 2000 and European commission 2020, and it promotes a permanent education or “Long Life Learning”, it is accessible to everyone and it permits a mind and professional growing. SìChef is the first Italian cuisine culture Academy, the training is both theoretical and practical and it is translated into 7 languages and into LIS (Italian Sign Language). SìChef drives   people through into the heart of Italian food culture by using expert chefs video-classes. For Plato “The Beautiful it is the splendor of the Truth” for SìChef Academy “the Goodness it is the flavour of the Truth”.
Vision 2 SìChef education values Authority The Academy contents, recipes, courses, or even Web Site contents, are supervised by culinary experts, and also certified by them. Thanks to the technological innovation it is possible for everyone to have an easy access key to knoledge but in the Web mare magnum there are too many informations and it is very important to understand which one is the source of them. Accuracy SìChef classes and masters are taught by expert teachers: the Learning Plan is also approved by the Scientific Committee and it is integrated by a strong theory useful for the practical lessons. Innovation Communications and information technologies and the online learning have an important and strategic role to guarantee a high and continuous learning quality to everybody. Because it is easily usable, anywhere and whenever you want. Video-lessons are effective because they are based on”learning by doing”.